What exactly is the Stablecoin? What is it? And how do you buy them?

Russians began to buy stabilizecoins in masse in the wake of the launch of a unique Ukraine operation. We will discuss why this currency has become so popular, and how stablecoins can be bought and who it can assist in the face if sanctions are in place.

What is stablecoin?

In the offline world, people use fiat currencies to estimate the cost of products and services. However, the world of cryptocurrencies is characterized by its own measures – the number of transactions on the blockchain as well as block size, hashrate and so on. We’ve created a digital currency that can be linked to fiat currencies and precious metals to add more capabilities to the Blockchain.

Stablecoins (digital coins) are linked to US dollars (USD) in a ratio of 1:1. Tether issued the first stablecoin USDT in the year 2015. There are also other stablecoins on the market, including Circle’s USDC, or BUSD that is issued by the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. The company’s name as the creator’s last letter is highlighted in the final letters.

Stablecoins are able to convert savings from fiat into digital currency that can be traded immediately or utilized to invest. You can also reduce the amount of crypto savings through stablecoins. If there is significant volatility in the market, your crypto can be converted into stablecoins. Then wait for the best conditions. Stablecoins can be a good alternative to buying foreign currency when the exchange rate is unstable. This allows faster settlements and safety.

What is the reason for an increase in stablecoin demand?

Russia has seen a rise in demand for cryptocurrency as a means of protecting savings over the past 2 weeks. The number of people who use cryptocurrency has also increased , as is the quantity of ruble deposits that are made on cryptocurrency exchanges. The second most popular cryptocurrency, following bitcoin, is stablecoins and specifically USDT.

The data from various platforms for trading indicate that the volume of customers has increased from 2 to three times since February. The demand for USDT is much higher than that for bitcoins and other popular cryptos. Because the stablecoin acts as a currency substitute for American dollars, it’s impossible to purchase now.

EXMO cryptocurrency trade platform witnessed an influx of huge amounts of rubles deposits. Binance has stopped accepting Russian Visa and Mastercard bank card that are issued in Russia.

If you’re Russian and have moved abroad Crypto, as well as specifically stablecoins can be used to facilitate money transfers between countries. Stablecoins provide a fast way to convert savings from rubles into foreign currency.

The use of cryptocurrency for transactions between individuals have seen an increase in the volume and value on platforms for p2p. The platform serves as an intermediary or an guarantor to the transaction. When a cryptocurrency is purchased and transferring the money to his crypto wallet, and then transfers it to a bank card.

Instructions on how to buy the stablecoins as soon as possible

Crypto Exchanges

Purchase stablecoins through an exchange that is centrally located to be secure and guard yourself from fraudsters. Unfortunately, many of these exchanges have implemented restrictions and make it difficult or impossible for Russian passport holders. Another option is to utilize cryptocurrency exchanges that are decentralized and do not store user funds. A commission is paid for each operation that takes place on a DEX platform.

P2P platforms

It is a model of interaction that operates in a way that is equal. Various p2p platforms connect users who want to buy and sell stablecoins. Here you can find great deals on buying cryptocurrencies for rubles. The platform serves as an agent of the transaction.

The transaction takes place in two stages:

The buyer sends the amount to be purchased in stablecoins to the seller.

The seller transfers the buyer’s cryptocurrency into his crypto wallet.

Make sure to use only trusted p2p sites to protect your funds. Prior to any transaction is initiated be sure to check the total of the order as well as the percentage of completed orders. The more of them more, the better, and it indicates that the seller is reliable. It is unlikely to be “thrown” if your success rate is low, but the site is popular and well-known. However, may encounter delays or slow reaction from the seller.


There are two types:

Online: The exchanger allows the user to enter his data, receive payment details, make transactions and then transfer the cryptocurrency to his wallet.

Online exchangers will automatically process your payment. However, if you do not confirm your account, the system will not be able to accept the payment. A commission of 3-10% is required for exchanger services.

Offline exchangers operate exactly the same way as bank branches – you can complete transactions only while visiting the exchanger.

How can I get rid of the restrictions?

In the face of a declining ruble and inability to purchase euros or dollars Bitcoins are among the most effective solutions to protect capital. Similar circumstances have also been experienced in Turkey (Venezuela) and Venezuela (Ecuador).

Stablecoins are the digital versions of dollars can be a great alternative to foreign currencies. In contrast to other crypto currencies they aren’t afflicted by the volatility of other currencies.

Experts generally suggest using stablecoins for tasks that aren’t feasible in Russia currently due to the restrictions. After performing these operations it is best to withdraw stablecoins , and transform them into cash or into decentralized currencies.