What exactly is a stabilizecoin and how do I purchase one?

Russians began to purchase stablecoins in the wake of Ukraine’s special operation. Let’s find out why this currency is so well-loved, what it takes to purchase it, and what it has to offer for us in the face of sanctions.

What is an Stablecoin?

In the world of offline there are people who use fiat currencies in order to estimate the price of products and services. But the world of cryptocurrency comes with its own set of metrics that include the amount and number of transactions on the blockchain, block sizes, hashrate and so on. We’ve added functions to the blockchain to enable it to be accessible to not just technical experts, but also everyday users.

Stablecoins are digital coins that are dependent on the US dollar (USD) in a ratio 1:1. Tether released the first stablecoin USDT in 2015. Tether also offers other stablecoins, such as Circle’s USDC or BUSD. These coins are issued by Binance which is a cryptocurrency exchange. The last letter indicates the company that developed the coin.

With the aid of stablecoins savings in fiat currency can be converted easily into digital currency that can be immediately traded or invested. Furthermore, with the help of stablecoins, you can reduce the amount of your crypto savings during periods of high market volatility and the cryptocurrency can be transformed into stablecoins before waiting for more favorable conditions. Stablecoins have the advantage that they can be utilized in times when the foreign exchange rate is not stable and buying one is difficult.

What is the reason why the market for stablecoins has increased?

Russia has witnessed a spike in the demand for cryptocurrency to protect savings over the past 2 weeks. The amount of deposits of rubles through cryptocurrency exchanges have also increased, as has the number of people who use them in general. Apart from bitcoin the second most-loved cryptocurrency is stablecoins, in particular USDT.

According to research, the number and frequency of visitors to trading platforms has been increasing by between 2 and 3 percent since February. Because USDT is a stablecoin that USDT stablecoin is able to be used as a substitute to cash American dollars, which is currently unavailable There is more interest than ever in USDT.

EXMO the cryptocurrency exchange platform reported an increase in the amount of ruble deposits. Binance is no longer accepting Visa as well as Mastercard Russian bank cards.

For Russians who have been overseas, cryptocurrency and in particular, stablecoins can be a great option for money transfers between countries while Russia is subject to Western sanctions. Stablecoins can be used to convert savings in rubles to foreign currency.

The number of transactions for purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies on P2P platforms, where transactions using cryptocurrencies occur between individuals, has also increased. The platform serves as an intermediary or an guarantor to the transaction. After buying a cryptocurrency and transferring it to his crypto wallet, and then to a bank card.

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Crypto Exchanges

To protect yourself from fraudsters, it is best to buy stablecoins from a central trading platform. Certain exchanges have implemented restrictive measures which make it unsuitable or impossible to use to Russian passport holders. You can also use decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEX), which don’t hold the funds of users. Each time you use a DEX platform the commission for the specific blockchain is paid.

P2P platforms

This is a partnership model of interaction that operates on the same terms. Different p2p networks connect people who want to purchase and sell stablecoins. It is here that you can get amazing deals on buying cryptocurrency for rubles. In addition the platform itself serves as a guarantee for the transaction. takes place in two stages:

The buyer pays the seller the amount is needed to purchase stablecoins.

The seller sends the buyer a cryptocurrency to his wallet in crypto.

Choose reputable P2P websites to ensure you don’t lose your money. It is important to check the amount of orders placed and the percentage of transactions completed prior to you complete any transaction. If you have more orders, the better, it means that the seller is trustworthy. If the rate of success is small, and the site is huge and well-known, it does not mean that you’ll be “thrown” however, there is the possibility of delays and a slow reaction of the seller.


There are 2 types:

Online: The online exchanger allows the user to enter his data, receive payment details, make an exchange and transfer cryptocurrency in his wallet.

Online exchangers are serviced automatically which means that when you are making a transfer in rubles, be sure to verify the amount as otherwise the robot will not recognize the payment in case of an error. To use the services of an exchanger, you’ll need to pay a commission of 3-10.

Exchangers online are similar to branches of banks. This means that you can conduct transactions when you visit the exchanger.

How can I get rid of the restrictions?

In the face of a falling ruble, and the inability to buy euros or dollars Bitcoins are among the best alternatives for capital preservation. Similar conditions have also been experienced in Turkey (Venezuela) and Venezuela (Ecuador).

Stablecoins can be utilized as a substitute for currencies that are foreign. They’re digitally equivalent to dollars and are therefore more stable than other cryptocurrencies.

Experts generally recommend using stablecoins in order to carry out operations that aren’t possible in Russia currently due to the restrictions. It is better to convert these operations into cash or any other cryptocurrency that is decentralized once you’ve completed them.