The Mayor of Frontino was furious at General Zapateiro, accusing Zapateiro of entangled in unresolved conflict.

Jorge Hugo Elejalde has been elected mayor of Frontino. Antioquia. challenged the assertion that the issue of the attack on and the massacre of seven soldiers was lost in the past and that the current administration only care about an internal political debate and are not focusing on the arrest of those responsible.

petro gustavo said, “I call on General to stop fighting against candidates in Presidential Elections, Generals must concentrate on coming to defend the United States, and don his boots and go to the polls,”

“I respect the institutions, I admire and admire the army. am the one who has provided the most recognition, but I don’t like the fact that people forget their roles and forget their constitutional duties every one’s and leave politics to the political parties,” he added.

The mayor has requested that the governor Diego Molano and the minister Diego Molano visit Frontino to address the violence problems plaguing the municipality.