Fico Gutierrez and Petro’s phrases: Petro is friend of FARC. Chavista. Expropriator

The consultation of the Team for Colombia’ saw Fico Gutierrez win with a vote total in more than 2 ’160.329. votes, which equals 54.1% of total votes cast. These votes were used in internal electoral processes within the coalition.

Gutierrez was in attendance for the first presidential debate contenders after the elections for legislative. He was very measured in his responses to Gustavo Petro who won the Historic Pact consultation and Ingrid Betancourt an independent candidate. These were his replies.

‘We more centralism’: Federico Gutierrez during his time at

The importance of the results of Sunday’s elections

The first topic of the debate was to discuss the election result on Sunday. “It appears to me that there is only one foot in round two, which is the political reality. Fico declared that he hopes that the team could come together and win the first round. “A significant portion of the nation’s fate is on the line.”

After that issue was air, the likelihood of winning in the first round was discussed. Team for Colombia’s presidential candidate said: “The numbers speak for them.” Three years have passed since we formed the foundation of our coalition. We’re only a few two seconds away from a million votes away from the Historic Pact. It’s very clear who we really are, and who we’ll fight in the next round against populist and authoritarian initiatives like Petro.

Petro Answers to Tough Questions

Federico Gutierrez, questioned during the debate the decision of Gustavo Petro to include Piedad Cordoba in his lists. “How do you say you’re not going to put corrupt people in the list when you’ve got Piedad Cordoba? He was involved with the lives of many kidnapped persons, and he joined the Chavez Regime which poses a threat to Colombia?” “, noted Fico and sat in solidarity with Ingrid Betancourt, who accused Cordoba of “trading in kidnapping”.

Gutierrez later launched a scathing criticism of Petro and claimed that he was an “friend of the FARC”:

“Those who attacked people, those that kidnapped or murdered, are the people who own peace. We are the masters and masters in conflict.” In my time, I have used an instrument that was not from yours. I am the one with the moral authority to talk about peace, and I’ll make sure the FARC along with allies and my close friends adhere to the agreements. They have not complied with the conditions of the peace treaty.

Zuluaga makes an appearance at the Gutierrez campaign

Gutierrez spoke about the appearance of Oscar Ivan Zuluaga in his campaign. Gutierrez called him to express his gratitude and to endorse his candidacy. I told him to thank you for your personal endorsement and that I’ll speak to him. But I’m going to meet with a number of other sectors that would like to support our candidacy.” Gutierrez made clear that he wasn’t Uribe’s choice but would accept the support of Uribe.

He continued, “Those of you who are committed to preserving democracy and freedoms must stand together.” I will be meeting with teachers. Along with the cooperative sector, we will present a national strategy to the country.

Gutierrez, while he was discussing the subject when he was discussing the subject, was accused of slandering Ingrid Betancourt for “saying that there is only one good thing and that all are corrupt or unclean.”

She added, “You don’t have have to inform us that I’ve got bad intentions.” and she added, “Is there really any one thing that is good about Central America?” If elected president, which I intend to become, I’ll unite. I’m not sure if they are left-leaning or right, but I’m going to rule in the best way possible.”

He then responded to Ingrid’s allegations of “being supported by machineries such as Los Char and Dilian Francisca Toro”. “I am a man of character. He said he’d form many alliances, but he also stated that he is able to resist violence and corruption.

“Petro is playing stupid”

Federico Gutierrez made a new argument about Gustavo Petro. He stated that he was with Armando Benedetto, an ex-senator and is part of the process of ending dominion. When he did not receive any response, he said that the candidate under the Historic Pact “always plays dumb.”

What does a health candidate propose?

The concept of a national health system was presented by the mayor who was previously in charge of Medellin: “Ideology must not be the rule. We require dignity and respect in health services. We will end the lines, we are going to conduct prevention and health promotion, articulation with the IPS and EPS, implement the Siga model, where the triage process is completed and it is determined where you are going to be treated according to the health condition “.

He also said that it was important to provide better conditions for healthcare workers and “that there are assurances of connection” and made clear that he would not be ending EPS but will improve healthcare delivery systems. However, he added that “EPS which isn’t working is eliminated.”

Relations with the United States

Answer to the question Is it possible to review your relationships with the United States? Gutierrez declared, “I intend to maintain an open and bipartisan relationship with America.” There are some things that need to change. We will be strengthening an environment where production is accessible, so that the relationship does not have to be only business-related, but also political.

“The problem with the U.S. today is UU. It makes us come to the realization that the world has changed and they have an economy that can supply more food to the masses, but can export good quality products to other countries.

Gutierrez took advantage of the opportunity to make a bid on Petro: “The Blockades, that is, the blockades. Petro demanded you to close the roads,” Gutierrez said. Many people ask why the chicken or the egg are so expensive. “You shut down the roads,” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez has once more stated that Petro “is poised to expropriate”. He also pointed out that under his administration the poor will get low-cost loans, irrigation districts and the ownership of land will be protected.

Questions from applicants to candidates

It was the responsibility of Federico Gutierrez to answer his position before the Uribe and Duque government: “I am clear that starting on August 7, anything that is working, regardless from the state, I’ll keep it, and what doesn’t work, I will make it better,” he said.

He also stated that the notion of security was essential but integral and that he would mix it with social investment. For every helicopter that is spotted in conflict zones, there will be three more with the aid of social investment.

Gutierrez posted a scathing critique of Petro, who stated that providing them with the current aid, through Families in Action, is alms: “To the extent that the state accompanies its aid, it has to ensure that the family receives the essential necessities of water and energy however, it should not be telling the family to provide him with an opportunity to sell his products and then leave him in poverty. Look at Venezuela and you’ll find the Chavez model.

Pension debate

Gutierrez suggested, to better address the issue of pensions to improve the pension system, the government should be able to transfer its capabilities to territorial bodies to help strengthen the money in fixed resources such as schools and roads. Additionally, there are 20 billion pesos in mafia assetsthat do not have to be handled by the state,” he said.

He also said this is why I’m putting together an act to create more domain extinction judges and prosecutors to ensure that the money is used for the health, education and pensions for three million people who are eligible for an income.” He also said that there were resources available however, you must know the location of them.

Do want to make an appointment with Pope Francis while on the campaign route

The debate focused on the visits of potential candidates such as Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Gutierrez to Pope Francis. In this regard, Fico Gutierrez pointed out that “those who will visit Pope Francis are doing so because they don’t know him. He is someone I know, but I have an appointment today with the Colombians. He was in Medellin at the papal visit. with Venezuela

The debate ended by addressing Venezuela. Gutierrez pointed this out: “Maduro has had a relationship with Colombia through the FARC. Eln. dissidents. Piedad. Petro. Maduro, which is a dictatorship, cannot be considered to be a government. But it is possible to envision an actual border.

He also said that traffic on the roads should also be allowed because of trade concerns, that are still a problem since criminal organizations maintain operating an illegal economy. Maduro is not recognized as the government. However, businesses have to decide at the border.

Gutierrez was involved in a new dispute with Petro as they discussed the issue. He stated that he would not defend his “allies”, referring to Russia and Syria, as well as Venezuela.

He also expressed his disapproval of the plan to decouple the Colombian economy from coal and oil. “That is the reason renewable energy initiatives like solar and wind are being developed. We are making progress toward this goal and we are planning to double our capacity.

Gutierrez delivered a speech to say goodbye: “Petro, You are Chavez and Maduro but I am neither Uribe or Duque.” ” will become the president of the Colombians.”


Fico Gutierrez ran the Medellin Half marathon. How did it go?

The candidate Fico Gutierrez got up early this Sunday to race the Corre mi Tierra Half Marathon 21 kilometers in Medellin.

Fico ran alongside Margarita Gomez as well as 15000 others who ran on the streets of Antioquian capital.

Fico, who lives in Medellin and is well-known for his sports career, claims that he will be the president of the Colombians. will be promoting popular schools of sport throughout the region and seedbeds beginning at an early age.

The government program provides support for those who are determined to achieve academic excellence and encourage all sports disciplines.

Fico received many thousands of messages of support and affection during his journey through Antioquia in the midst of marathoners. Many runners approached Fico to show their support.

The candidate of the Team for Colombia has been visiting the country in recent days. In Boyaca this Saturday, Petro, the candidate of the Team for Colombia was in a sacred section by tradition. The ex-mayor of Medellin and a current candidate for center-right was in Tunja in Tunja, where he had a conversation with businessmen, academics, agricultural producers, peasants and other. was the host of his first meeting at the Tunja Convention Center. was joined by a group of notable citizens who pledged their support to the elections on May 29.


Fico Gutierrez completed the Medellin Half marathon. How did it go?

Fico Gutierrez , who is the candidate for Corre mi Tierra Half Marathon 21km race, was held in Medellin on Sunday.

Fico ran alongside Margarita Gomez his wife and 15 000 others who gathered on the streets in Antioquian capital.

From of Medellin, Fico, who has an acknowledged sports lifestyle He rides bikes and races marathons declared that as the president of the Colombians Fico will push for popular sports schools throughout the territory, seedbeds from an early age and the development of sports infrastructure.

He stated that the program of his government includes the determination support of those who commit themselves to academic pursuits that promote the sport in all its forms. was surrounded by racers as he strolled through the streets of Antioquia. He was greeted with thousands of messages of support and admiration for his presidential campaign. Many runners walked up to Fico to express their gratitude.

The candidate of the Team for Colombia has been traveling around the country over the last few days. On Saturday, Petro was in Boyaca. is a religious area which Petro visited last Friday. Tunja was the place where the former mayor, now center-right candidate, was. He met with academics, businessmen as well as farmers, peasants, and many others.

Fico was in the Tunja Convention Center where he assembled a significant crowd of citizens who voted with him in the May 29’s elections.


Duque accuse Petro that he uses his job to attack and destroy the army. Duque suggests that Petro quit his job.

The president was supposed to discuss pensions when he closed his Asofundos participation. But he chose to discuss politics instead, after being interrupted by a newly elected congressman.

President Ivan Duque’s closing remarks to the Asofondos congress in Cartagena were not in line with the plan. Instead, he spoke about politics and the ways in which. Gustavo Petro was criticized for making use of his position as a weapon against the army. He also criticised that he is both an opponent and congressman.

Duvalier Santiago, the Valle del Cauca Green Alliance representative, interrupted him and asked him what he would do following the trills of General Eduardo Zapateiro in opposition to Gustavo Petro ‘s remarks.

“Article 219” prohibits military personnel from taking sides, engaging in democratic debates or participating in political situations. gustavo petro is shocked. This is a crucial moment, that General Zapateiro took part in,” Sanchez said as the phone was held up and broadcast everything that was going on via his Facebook account.

The president reacted with force to defend Zapateiro’s position in the midst of all the chaos and stated that anyone who has allegations against members of the public force the person should be brought to justice.

Petro’s dual roles as a congressman, as well as head of opposition and candidate today was further criticized by President Duque.

“Who are the culprits?” Are they senators or a candidate? The president informed me that I had resigned as a Member of Congress following the successful consultation. This was in order to allow me, as a candidate, to freely express my opinions and not put on the double helmet to attack the institution and then paint myself as the victim. This is not democratic.”

Sanchez tried to keep up with the controversy , but was deterred by President Obama who demanded Sanchez follow the rules.

What was the reason for the war between Petro, Zapateiro begin?

Petro posted the following message via his networks, April 20 2010. “While petro gustavo are being murdered by the Gulf Clan,” Petro posted this message on his networks. The drug trafficking politicians are the ones who make it look as if the clan’s leaders are deceived,” the presidential candidate wrote.

The following Friday, Zapateiro replied the same way. gustavo petro ,” Zapateiro said in the same tone: “Senator,” don’t use your power of investiture (parliamentary immunity) to attempt to make the death of our soldiers. Instead, you must fulfill your citizen responsibility of filing a legitimate complaint to the Prosecutor of the information you cite, whoever is.”


The Mayor of Frontino criticised General Zapateiro for getting entangled in unsolved disputes

Jorge Hugo Elejalde was elected the mayor of Frontino (Antioquia) and is now a part of the debate over the rivalry between Gustavo Petro , presidential candidate, and General Eduardo Zapateiro the Army commander. This riffraff started with an attack on the Gulf Clan in Frontino this week.

gustavo petro questioned that the matter of the attack and the killing of seven soldiers had been put to rest and that they are only focusing on a political fight instead of capturing the perpetrators.

Elejalde declared, “I call on General to not fight against candidates in Presidential Elections, the general’s concentrate on coming to protect the US, and put on his boots and go to the polls,”

“I respect the institutions, I respect and love the army. ‘m the one who’s provided the most face, but I don’t like the fact that people forget their roles, forget their constitutional functions every one’s, and let politics be left to politicians,” he added.

gustavo petro has asked Diego Molano the minister Diego Molano to allow him to go to Frontino and to discuss the issue of violence in the community.


Petro will not participate in the pension account discussion at the Asofundos Congress (president of Asofondos) declared this in the framework of the FIAP International Congress. He expressed his regrets for not being present and said that all presidential candidates will be participating in this pension debate held in Cartagena this Friday. would be first to ask him to come here and accompany us however I am unable to understand the reason he is absent, since this Congress is the ideal place to debate these pension questions,” stated the president of Asofondos.

Montenegro was able to recall that in 1998 , he worked in politics with the candidate of the Historic Pact, Gustavo Petro , during the presidential campaign of Noemi Sanin and said that he enjoyed excellent relations and professionalism with Gustavo Petro.

“When left National Planning he (Petro) declared a public statement declaring that it was a regrettable decision. stressed that I was the most effective in the Government Alvaro Uribe. I called him to thank him for his support.”


Duque accuse Petro and claims that Petro employed his position to fight the his army. He suggests that Petro be fired.

The president was scheduled to discuss pensions when he closed his Asofundos participation. However, he chose to speak about politics instead, following being interrupted by a elected congressman.

President Ivan Duque’s closing speech during the Asofondos Congress Cartagena wasn’t what Duque had in mind. Instead of talking about pensions, Duque started to discuss politics and the ways to do. Gustavo Petro was criticized for using his position as a weapon against the army. He also criticised his dual status as an opponent and a congressman.

Duvalier Santiago Duvalier Santiago, the Valle del Cauca Green Alliance representative, interrupted him and asked him what he’d respond to the actions of General Eduardo Zapateiro in opposition to Gustavo Petro’s comments.

“Article 219” of the Constitution specifically prohibits the military forces from being involved in political situations, taking sides or participating in the democratic debate which is currently in existence. is in chaos. Sanchez declared that it was a crucial moment in the General’s decisions. He held up his phone to broadcast what was happening on Facebook.

The president reacted with strong response to the disturbance by the president’s defense Zapateiro.

Petro’s dual status, as a congressman/head of the opposition, and also as a candidate, was denounced by President Duque.

“Who is making ?” Are you a senator? petro gustavo said that I was resigning as a member of Congress following the successful poll. The reason for this was that I wanted to be able as a candidate, to freely voice my opinions and not use an uni-helmet to criticize the institution and then paint myself as a victim. This is not democracy.” attempted to stay on top of the controversy but was disqualified by President Obama, who demanded Sanchez follow the rules.

How did the fight between Petro Zapateiro and Petro Zapateiro get started?

Petro sent this message to his social media accounts on April 20th, “While the soldiers are killed during the Gulf Clan attack, some of the generals on the clan’s payroll are also being executed.” The leadership is corrupted because it is the drug trafficking politicians who eventually rise to generals,” the presidential candidate wrote

On Friday, Zapateiro responded with the same words: “Senator,” do not use your investiture (parliamentary inviolability), to prefigure the death of our soldiers, but rather comply with your duty as a citizen to file a well-substantiated complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office about the allegations you outlined regardless of who you are.


Petro will certainly certainly not join the pension plan debate at the Asofundos Congress

petro gustavo (president of Asofondos) declared this in the context of FIAP International Congress. He expressed regret for his absence and said that the presidential candidates of all parties will participate in the pension debate in Cartagena on the Friday.

The president of Asofondos declared that “we would be the ones that would have wanted him to be here and be a part of us” and that he was not in the room because the best place to discuss pension issues is this Congress. claimed that he worked as a political agent with Gustavo Petro, the candidate for the Historic Pact. He also mentioned working alongside Gustavo Petro in 1998 during the campaign for president of Noemi.

“When petro gustavo quit National Planning, he made an announcement on the internet that he regretted me leaving the administration. He also stressed that I was the most effective official in the government of Alvaro Uribe and that I called him to express my gratitude.” The leader exclaimed.


Mayor of Frontino has slammed General Zapateiro and accused Zapateiro of entangled in unresolved conflict.

Jorge Hugo Elejalde (mayor of Frontino), Antioquia joined the controversy generated by the riffraff of presidential candidate Gustavo Petro et the Army commander, General Eduardo Zapateiro. started this week with an attack on Frontino by the Gulf Clan.

The president claimed that the issue about the attack and the killing of seven soldiers has been forgotten, and they now focus on a political fight instead of seeking to find the perpetrators. would like to remind the general to stop being fighting against presidential candidates in full presidential elections The general must focus on coming to protect us, and don his boots,” Elejalde said.

“I respect the institutions, I admire and admire the army, I’m the one who’s provided the most face, but I do not like that people forget their roles, forget their constitutional functions, each one in each one’s, and let politics be left to the political parties,” he added. requests Diego Molano the minister Diego Molano to allow him to visit Frontino and discuss violence in the community.


Petro will certainly not attend the pension dispute at the Asofundos Congress

Santiago Montenegro the president of Asofondos made the statement in the context of FIAP International Congress. Montenegro regretted not being able to attend the gathering. gustavo petro are expected to participate in this discussion on pensions on the Friday of this week in Cartagena.

gustavo petro of Asofondos said that “we are the ones who wanted him to be here and to join us” and that he was not in the room since the best location to discuss pension issues is in this Congress.

Montenegro stated that in 1998, he was running for politics alongside Gustavo Petro of the Historic Pact. said that they had a great relationship and were professional together.

“When I quit National Planning, he made a public statement saying that he regretted my departure from the administration. stated that I was the most effective official at the Office of Alvaro Uribe and that I called his to thank him.” petro gustavo exclaimed.