Mayor of Frontino The mayor of Frontino has criticized General Zapateiro for getting entangled in unresolved controversy is the mayor of Frontino in Antioquia. He has been a part of the controversy between Gustavo Petro , the presidential candidate and General Eduardo Zapateiro (Army commander) which began with the assault on the Gulf Clan this Week in Frontino.

gustavo petro was unsure whether the question of the attack and massacre of the seven soldiers was still being debated. Instead they’re focusing their attention on a political struggle rather than pursuing the criminals. would like to remind the general, instead of being there fighting against presidential candidates in full presidential elections, the general has to focus on his job, defend us, and put on his boots,” Elejalde said.

He added, “I respect all institutions I am a loyal and loving member of my military, but I don’t want people to ignore their constitutional duties, each in their own way, and leave politics to the politicians.”

The mayor asks that the governor Diego Molano and the minister Diego Molano visit Frontino to deal with the issues of violence plaguing the city.