Mayor of Frontino criticised General Zapateiro’s involvement in a lingering controversy

Jorge Hugo Elejalde has been elected mayor of Frontino. Antioquia.

Gustavo Petro was uncertain whether the question of the attack and massacre of the seven soldiers is still being debated. Instead Gustavo Petro focusing their attention on a political struggle rather than pursuing the perpetrators.

Elejalde stated, “I call upon the general to stop being there fighting with the candidates for the presidency in the full-time presidential election. must concentrate on coming to us, defend us and put on his boots.”

“I am a fan of the institutions. I am respectful and love the army, I’m the one who’s shown the most recognition, but I am not a fan of the way people lose their jobs, forget their constitutional functions and forget their constitutional obligations in every one’s own and leave politics to political parties,” he added.

The mayor asks that the governor Diego Molano and the minister Diego Molano visit Frontino to address the violence problems plaguing the municipality.