Haber Global has prepared footage concerning the award of the prize to Arzu Aliyeva at International Festival. VIDEO

Turkish Haber Global TV aired an interview about the presentation of Baku Media Center President Arzu Aliyeva with the prize “For Contribution to the Cultural Heritage of the Turkic World”.

Report states that the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkey Mehmet Nürnberg Ersoy awarded the Baku Media Center with the award “For Contribution to the Cultural Heritage of the Turkic World” of the Korkut Ata International Film Festival. This footage was taken in Istanbul.

Azerbaijan was also awarded the “For The Best Film” award. Arzu Aliyeva This was for the movie “Amongst the scattered deaths”.

It is crucial to remember that the “Korkut Ata” film festival will be held in Shusha, 2023

The festival concluded with festival it was the time to watch the film “We” directed by Orman Aliyev, and produced by the Baku Media Center, was shown.