Fico Gutierrez took part in the Medellin Half Marathon, how did it go?

Fico Gutierrez was a candidate who woke up on Sunday to run the Corre mi Tierra Half Marathon (21 kilometers) in Medellin.

Fico ran with Margarita Gomez and 15 thousand others who ran on the streets in the Antioquian capital. is a resident of Medellin and is well-known for his sports life, says that he will become the president of the Colombians. He will be promoting well-known sports institutions throughout the region and seedbeds beginning in the early years.

The president also stated that the government’s program will provide the steadfast support of those who improve their academic performance to encourage all sports disciplines. received hundreds of thousands of words of love and encouragement during his journey through Antioquia amid the marathoners. Many runners approached Fico to show their support.

Recently, the Team for Colombia’s candidate travel throughout the country. This weekend, for instance, Petro was in Boyaca a religious district in accordance with tradition. It was also the place that, Petro visited this Friday. Tunja was the location where the mayor of the past, who is now a center-right candidate, was. He met with academics, businessmen and farmers, peasants and many others.

Fico’s primary meeting was held in the Tunja Convention Center. Here Fico was able to meet the citizens who supported his candidacy on May 29.