Duque is accused by Petro of using his position to attack the army . He suggests that Petro should quit his job

The president was due to talk about pensions when the president decided to end his Asofundos participation. However, he chose to discuss politics instead, after being interrupted by an elected congressman. at the Asofondos congress in Cartagena did not go as per the program. Instead he addressed politics and how. Gustavo Petro was attacked for making use of the house to attack the army. gustavo petro criticized his dual status as a congressman and candidate.

Duvalier Sanchez interrupted him to inquire about his plans after General Eduardo Zapateiro’s remark against Gustavo Petro’s.

“Article 219. of the Constitution prevents the military from being involved in any political debate, taking sides, or participating in the democratic debate.” The country is upset. Sanchez declared, “It’s a critical time what General Zapateiro has done,” as he held his phone up and broadcast all of his Facebook posts.

The president responded to the controversy with a firm defense of Zapateiro. stated that anyone with allegations against members of public force personnel must be brought to trial.

Petro’s dual status as a congressman/head of the opposition and as candidate, was criticized by President Duque.

“Who are the culprits?” What senator? ” petro gustavo have resigned from Congress after I won the popular consultation to be free to express my opinions freely as a candidate and not to wear an uni-hat to use seats to attack and then when institutions are receptive by presenting myself as a victim since it isn’t democratic,” said the president.

petro gustavo attempted to stay on the right side of the debate, however, the president opposed him and demanded he observe the rules.

What was gustavo petro behind Petro and Zapateiro do battle?

Petro posted the following message via his networks on the 20th of April. “While the troops are murdered during the Gulf Clan attack, some of the generals employed by the clan are also being executed.” “The corruption within the leadership comes when politicians who traffic in drugs end up being promoted to generals,” said the presidential candidate.

Friday’s reply was exactly the same “Senator,” he said, “Do not use your power of investiture to make our deaths more political instead, you must fulfill your obligation as a citizen by substantiated complaining to the Prosecutor’s office of the details mentioned, whoever and wherever you may be.”