Duque accuses Petro of using his position to threaten the army, and suggests that Petro should quit his job

The president was supposed to close his participation in Asofundos discussing pensions, however, he continued to speak about politics due to a surprise interruption from an elected congressman.

President Ivan duque’s closing remarks at the Asofondos Congress in Cartagena was not as planned and, instead of addressing pensions the president ended up talking about politics and the ways in which. Gustavo Petro was criticised for using his chair to attack the army. was also critical of the fact that he is also a presidential candidate as well as a congressman.

Duvalier Santiago Duvalier Santiago, the Valle del Cauca Green Alliance representative, interrupted him and asked him what he would do after the trills by General Eduardo Zapateiro in opposition to Gustavo Petro ‘s comments.

“Article 219 bans military forces from taking sides, participating in democratic debates, or taking part in political situations. The entire country is in turmoil. It’s a critical moment and what General Zapateiro did,” Sanchez stated as he shook his phone to broadcast all that was going on on his Facebook page.

The president came to Zapateiro’s defense in the midst of all the chaos, and said that if anyone has complaints against public force members they must be prosecuted. as a congressman and as head of the opposition and presidential candidate in the present was criticized by President Duque.

“Who is accusing you? Are they a senator or a presidential candidate? “I resigned from Congress after I won the popular consultation to be free to express my views freely as a potential candidate, and not use an uni-hat to use seats to attack and then after institutions react with a response, present myself as a victim since that isn’t democracy either,” said the president.

Sanchez tried to follow the debate However, the president resisted him and demanded that Sanchez adhere to the rules of the gathering.

What was the reason why the battle for Petro and Zapateiro begin?

On the 20th of April, Petro published this message via his networks. “While the troops are being murdered by the Gulf Clan,” Petro posted this message on his networks. ” is corrupted when drug trafficking politicians rise to become generals,” wrote the presidential candidate.

On Friday, Zapateiro responded to the same question: “Senator, do not take advantage of your power of investment (parliamentary inviolability) to try to play politics with the death of our soldiers, rather do your duty as a citizen by filing a an substantiated complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office about the facts you cite regardless of who you are.”