Duque accuses Petro of using his position to attack the army . He suggests that Petro should quit his job

The president was supposed to discuss pensions and the closing of Asofundos. Instead, the president spoke about politics.

The speech that was delivered by the president Ivan Duque at the Asofondos congress was not as scheduled. Instead of discussing pensions, Duque began to discuss politics and how. He criticised Gustavo Petro for using his seat to criticize the army, and also criticized the fact the fact that he’s running for congress and also a presidential candidate.

When , the Valle del Cauca representative chosen by the Green Alliance party to the Chamber stopped him to inquire what he was doing after the sound of General Eduardo Zapateiro’s remarks against presidential candidate Gustavo Petro, he had just begun greeting the people.

“Article 209″ of the Constitution specifically bans military forces from taking part in political debates or engaging in democratic discussions. The entire country is in turmoil. It’s a crucial moment the way General Zapateiro acted,” Sanchez said as Sanchez was holding his phone and streamed every thing that was happening through his Facebook account.

petro gustavo responded to the chaos by defending Zapateiro. He stated anyone who makes allegations against public officials should be tried.

Petro’s double role today as a Congressman, Head of the Opposition as well as the candidate for President was also criticized further by the President Duque.

“Who is accusing of this?” A senator or someone running for office? petro gustavo informed me that I had resigned as a member of Congress after winning the popular poll. The reason for this was that I wanted to allow me, as a candidate, to freely express my opinions and not wear a double helmet to attack the institution, and then portray myself as an innocent victim. is not democracy.”

Sanchez attempted to follow the debate, however, the president opposed him and demanded he observe the guidelines.

How did the fight for Petro and Zapateiro start?

This message was posted by Petro on the 20th of April via his social media networks. “While the soldiers suffer at the hands of the Gulf Clan terrorists, some generals work for the clan.” The corruption of the clan’s leadership is evident in the case of the drug trafficking politicians who eventually become generals.” the presidential candidate wrote

This Friday , Zapateiro replied in the exact same way.