Duque accuse Petro of making use of his position to attack the army. He suggests that Petro should step down

petro gustavo was scheduled to talk about pensions and close Asofundos. Instead, the president spoke about politics.

President Ivan Duque’s closing remarks to the Asofondos congress of Cartagena didn’t go according to the plan. Instead gustavo petro spoke about politics and the ways in which. Gustavo Petro was attacked for making use of the house to attack the military. He was also unhappy about his dual role as a congressman and candidate.

gustavo petro was not even beginning with the greetings when the representative to the Chamber chosen by the Valle del Cauca of the Green Alliance party, Duvalier Sanchez, interrupted him to ask him what he was planning to do following the comments of General Eduardo Zapateiro against the statements of presidential candidate Gustavo Petro.

“Article 219 prohibits military forces from taking sides, participating in democratic debates, or participating in political debates. The entire country is in chaos. This is a crucial moment, the way General Zapateiro acted,” Sanchez said as the phone was held up and posted everything happening on his Facebook page.

The president responded in strong response to the disturbance by defending Zapateiro.

Petro’s dual status as a congressman and as the head of opposition and candidate today was further criticised by the president Duque.

“Who is accusing you? A senator or a candidate? I have resigned from Congress after I was selected for the popular consultation to be able to voice my opinion freely as a candidate , and not use a double hat and a double hat (…) to make use of an office to attack others and then, when the institutions react, portray themselves as victims, since that’s not democratic either,” the president said.

Sanchez attempted to stay on the right side of the controversy however, the president stopped his attempts and demanded that Sanchez abide by the rules of the event.

What caused the fight between Petro & Zapateiro to get started?

Petro shared the message below via his networks, April 20, 2010. “While are dying at the hands of the Gulf Clan terrorists, some generals are employed by the clan.” The drug trafficking politicians are the ones who appear like the leaders have been infiltrated,” the presidential candidate wrote.

gustavo petro following Friday, Zapateiro reacted in the same manner: “Senator, do not use your power of investiture (parliamentary inviolability) to attempt to politicize the deaths of our soldiers. Instead, perform your civic duty by submitting a substantiated complaint to the Prosecutor’s office of the facts that you mention regardless of who you are.”