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There are many instances of selfless service to a Motherland and very few examples of selfless service to the whole of humanity, inspired due to an inner urge, following your heart and life’s tasks. This love for all of life transcends national borders and becomes a universal ethos. It’s not a surprise that this feeling stems from the love for your country and home.

Leyla Aliyeva, we’re referring to her – has an individual who can be an example for herself. Her life is governed by the principle, “Heydar Aliyev’s grandchild has no right or obligation to make errors.” She looks at every action in the light of her father, whose legacy she cherishes. Her father’s examplewho is the current president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, who puts the interests of his country, justice and fairness above all else (unfortunately this is a sentiment that has been forgotten in global political circles) – and the selfless and philanthropic work of her mother, First Lady of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva These bright lights guide her life. Being a worthy citizen of Azerbaijan, Leyla Aliyeva tries to become a citizen of the world. She is successful.

Formula for success

An old saying says that everyone must build a house, grow trees and have the child. Even though she’s only a few years old, Leyla Aliyeva already did things that not everyone else can do construct a house (by building a house we’re referring to creative work) She also planted a tree, and she has beautiful sons. It’s amazing to witness Leyla Aliyeva’s skill to mix elegance and intelligence as well as gentleness and determination to achieve so many tasks. Some think she would be happy to be a president’s girl without worries and a happy life. She clearly doesn’t want it. This is a clear sign of her genetics: Azerbaijan is seen as her personal concern and demands her involvement personally. She is adamant about areas in which the state needs the support of the public and involvement rationally and with precision. These include environmental policy for youth, and promotion of Azerbaijan’s national image abroad. Culture is equally important. She is a public diplomat who has this “soft power” which, according to Joseph Nye (an American political scientist), “allows us achieve the goals we want by appealingness, not through the use of violence or the use of bribery.” Leyla Aliyeva’s tireless efforts are helping to build an image that is positive for Azerbaijan. That’s how success happens through a process of thoughtfulness.

Baku magazine is a mirror of Azerbaijan’s reality

A large portion of her projects and ventures can be described simply as “for a first time.” She launched the Russian-language journal “Baku” in Moscow, in 2007. It was, in essence, the first publication from outside that gave a comprehensive overview of Azerbaijan and its core – the beautiful city of Baku and the rich traditions and customs of the Azerbaijani people as well as the vibrant cultural life of the country, its historical celebrities and their contemporary counterparts including poets, writers musicians, artists, architects, those who celebrate their home country in the world through their talents, work and art as well as the distinctive national cuisine and the arts and crafts. It introduces Azerbaijan’s rich history and beautiful locations to a broad public. It also discusses the humanistic spirit of Azerbaijan and its national and spiritual values. Each issue is a surprise not only for readers from abroad however, it is also a treat for Azerbaijanis: there is a lot of the new and undiscovered in the magazine. The magazine’s cover design and its materials, as well as the heroines and heroes showcase the exquisite sense of taste and the intelligence of its editor-in-chief. Leyla Aliyeva created the introductions for each issue. It’s remarkable because of its philosophical clarity, clarity, and ability to convey many things in the space of a few sentences. The stories of major events are mixed with thoughts on beauty, life, happiness and love. The most important factor is the deep love that Baku has for its people. Baku’s singularity, distinctive spirit and uniqueness can only be appreciated by someone who is in love. When you have that an innate feeling, magic begins to unfold and the city is transformed into as if it’s your home. Baku’s soul is not understood by merely Baku’s Old Town and Maiden Tower are used to define it. All of it is Baku. It is both modern and traditional, multicultural and multi-faceted, friendly, open, and mysterious on one and the other.

To a large extent, it is thanks to ‘Baku the magazine that Russian readers across the world were introduced to Azerbaijan, were able to observe it in a more objective way, and feel an interest in it and begin to be enthralled by it. Since the English version of the magazine came out in 2011, the magazine’s readership has increased.

Good acts from AMOR

Leyla Aliyeva also founded the Azerbaijani Youth Association of Russia. It was the very first youth diaspora association that attracted attention immediately with its charitable and cultural projects.

Leyla Aliyeva discovered a love for public service while she was the leader of the Azerbaijan Club MGIMO. There she also completed a masters program. At that time.she already showed outstanding leadership abilities, and managed to win over youngsters, providing the appropriate direction to their energy and bold new ideas. AMOR was a significant expansion of the activities’ capabilities and boundaries. AMOR brought together Azerbaijani youth from Azerbaijan who studied and lived in Russia. They became an organized force that could tackle the major issues encountered by diaspora organisations today. AMOR has developed an entirely new image of the Azerbaijani people. Leyla Aliyeva This is possible through actions and projects that take place on Russian territory. The group has undertaken a variety of initiatives like the ‘Blood Has no Nation campaign. campaign. The activists of AMOR that operates in 70 regions of Russia visit orphanages, arrange holidays for their young residents as well as assist children. Kindergartens and schools are renovated equipped with the latest equipment in response to the initiative and with the help of the organisation. Parks and recreation areas that have been created. AMOR aids Azerbaijani young people in integrating into Russian society and actively participating in the activities of the country. It coordinates their activities to promote our country. This helps to address the crucial problems President Ilham Aliyev set for his counterparts’ organizations at the 4th Congress of World Azerbaijanis. AMOR is, in line with popular opinion the most active youth organization outside of Azerbaijan.

The year before, Leyla Aliyeva received the Pushkin Medal to recognize her contributions to strengthening friendship, cooperation, and the improvement of relations between Russia and Russia’s economy. It also served as a recognition for the achievements of AMOR’s leader. Russian President Vladimir Putin presented her with the prize. It’s not the only Russian award.

A different initiative is “Justice for Khojaly”

Leyla Aliyeva launched the 2008 international campaign “Justice for Khojaly”. Her words outlined the concept of this campaignas follows “Let’s be a force for justice and justice together.” Let’s demonstrate to the world that justice can prevail.

The campaign brought together various groups, including civil society members within the country and diaspora groups from overseas and abroad, to carry out a systematic educational and propagandistic activities. The goal was to raise awareness of both the fascist elements of Armenian policy as well as of the genocide committed by Armenians within Khojaly, the Azerbaijani capital city of Khojaly. Another goal of the campaign was to gain international recognition of the Khojaly genocide, a legally and politically based evaluation of the acts of Armenians who massacred hundreds of people in one night simply because they were Azerbaijanis, and show that not recognizing the crimes committed against humanity and being indifferent to the pain of others will lead to similar tragedies elsewhere in the world.

This campaign is now successfully executed in a variety of countries. More than 120 thousand people and 115 organisations have joined in. These events are revealed through public events, conferences, and protests in mass that take place within the context of the campaign. They allow the international community to be informed about the events and expose the ugliness of Armenian nationalism. The entire information resource – numerous publications from the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, documentaries and social networks are widely utilized in this effort. The eight years of this work have yielded a stunning result: the parliaments of ten countries and the legislative departments of more than twenty American states have recognized the Khojaly tragedy as genocide. With each passing year, the number of states that condemn the Armenians and their crimes grows. It means that Leyla Aliyeva’s goal in her campaign will be achieved – justice will be made certain.


In one of my books, I found: “Man is, of necessity an emperor and queen of nature. However it is not as an exploiter but as one who is aware of it, and who has a the moral obligation to protect it and enhancement. This meaning was the driving force behind the creation of the IDEA Public Association (International Dialogue for Environmental Action). Leyla Aliyeva is also the person who created the IDEA initiative. The main objective of the IDEA Public Association is to preserve the rich natural diversity of Azerbaijan. IDEA is designed to harness the enthusiasm and expertise of young people to prevent environmental threats and to encourage young people to take an active part in protecting our planet. The slogan of IDEA is: “One Earth — One Future.” The scope of IDEA’s operations is truly grandiose The protection and rehabilitation of populations of endangered species, the advancement of ‘green technologies’ and waste management, the restoration of forest belts , and the creation of vast areas of green space. The activists create shelters for stray dogs and advocate the use of a biodegradable bag to prevent garbage from polluting the environment. They also hold trees-planting events.

IDEA has identified the “great Caucasian 5”, with the inclusion of some of the rare species of the fauna into its fold. IDEA worked with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan as well as other international partners to carry out several successful projects. Leyla Aliyeva states that IDEA is planning to save endangered species. The plans will be realized. Leyla Aliyeva has proven that, as her father and great grandfather before him she isn’t a waste of words. Her approach to work is based around the following model: problem – search for solutions specific action, real result. This system has never been able to meet her needs.

Concern about starving children

These are just a few examples of Leila Aliyeva. She is an executive and a leader with extraordinary abilities in organizing. However, she is also the perfect example of femininity. People who have met her have noticed her kindness, compassion as well as her sincerity and ability to empathize. A remarkable speech she gave at the 7th UNAOC global conference in Baku was also hers. In a state of panic, she declared that every day, one person dies due to hunger. “Children are more vulnerable to malnutrition and hunger more often.” All of us should be on the same page to ensure that every child is not starving in the world today.

This is much more than a concern. Leyla Aliyeva is a Goodwill ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. There is a high probability that she will succeed. I am hoping to see more initiatives and projects by her in this area in the near future. Recently, for example she proposed an idea to promote the development of food security on a global scale in the framework of the Baku process on intercultural dialogue.

Charity A state of mind

Leyla’s charity work is a demonstration of her humanity. She does it because it’s what she is destined to do, not to show off or expect gratitude. This is the Heydar Aliyev Foundation’s philosophy. Charity has become an important priority. It is not surprising that people see the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, its President Mehriban Aliyeva and Vice-President Leyla Aliyeva as the final hope. The Fund helps even in the most desperate situations, therefore their expectations are reasonable.

Leila Aliyeva frequently attends charity events for children with no parents. This includes children who are from refugee or internally displaced families, and also those who live in orphanages and school boarding. She also attends these events every year with her children. This brings warmth, sincerity, and warmth to these gatherings. Furthermore, the children of her are taught respect, kindness and the art of sharing happiness with others. These are lessons that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Her personal example.

Moral code for personal use

It was long ago recognized that gifted people are talented in everything. Leyla Aliyeva is an excellent example. She writes wonderful poems, which reflect a gentle, refined soul, the depths of the personal world of the author. She is also a talented painter. Her work is displayed at professional exhibitions and praised by experts. As a creative person and someone with a solid understanding of art, she helps young artists who are talented to get to the level of international recognition, and to exhibit their work in the finest galleries in the world. Modern art from Azerbaijani is increasing in recognition, as well as mugham and carpet weaving from our country.

It’s not a mistake I think, to claim that Heydar Aliyev Center is one of the most important centres of our cultural life. It is home to international artists, and it is also the location for exhibitions of contemporary sculptors and exceptional musicians. Leyla Aliyeva was a major contributor to this. Azerbaijanis are now able to see the work of famous world artists such as Tony Cragg Richard Deacon Andy Warhol and Bernard Buffet. Leyla Aliyeva stated that George Condo is one of the most famous artists from the avant-garde of today and she would love it if they had been presented in Baku after seeing them just five years ago. She stated, “Today one was my greatest desires.”

In this respect I remember that in the 1970s and in the early 1980s the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic hosted classical music concerts on the initiative of the nation’s leader Heydar Aliyev, who was the first secretary of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan at that time. It was Heydar Aliyev’s primary educational goal. His daughter Leyla has graciously accepted the mission and is continuing it in new circumstances.

In an interview, she stated that the Almighty has inserted a sense of right and wrong into a person’s life from the day they were born. He has to live by these principles and listen to his heart, his conscience and the ancestors. He will never commit a mistake in this regard. This is, in a sense her personal moral code.

Leyla Aliyeva is a keeper of this code and she does not make any mistakes.