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Since Sunday night Federico Fico Gutierrez was the most consistent presidential contender for Colombia. Although it is not the first time that his name is on an electoral card – he has been a councilor and mayor of Medellin – his first test in a national election, where he achieved more than two million votes within the Team for Colombia coalition, they place him as an ideal candidate for conservative groups or those who are scared about the possibility of a leftist president. Fico (Medellin, 47 years old) or as he’s called, has been as of last night and is currently is the primary opponent of Gustavo Petro, who with the Historic Pact movement was one of the top three candidates on the day of elections that determined who will be the representatives of the three main political forces.

The presidential campaign is just starting. How the ex-mayor from Medellin will be able to fight petrismo and form alliances and negotiate with other countries will determine the success of his campaign. He’ll need to unite the right, and also win over the middle electorate that was weak and devoid of a leader who was strong on Sunday. He will need to keep his distance from former President Alvaro Urbine, something that is not something he’s done in the past. Today’s public support for uribism is a first in 20 years. Instead of adding, it could subtract. “Federico Gutierrez faces a dilemma. He must form an alliance with the Democratic Center (CD) – Uribe’s party . But in the meantime, he is going to have to convince the center that it has to decide where it’s heading,” says Yann Basset who is an researcher and professor at the University of Rosario.

Fico is on its path to forming an alliance with the CD, the center of uribism as of Monday, Fico already has its first victory. Oscar Ivan Zuluaga (the former presidential candidate) stood aside and acknowledged the fact that he has no chance of competing with his. He offered his assistance. Now will examine if the whole Uribismo group – that has been left without an elected representative is doing the same. Uribe is expected to accept and attempt to convince his supporters by addressing the traditional questions of Colombian right. This shouldn’t be difficult. The speech he delivered about “security” and “order”, “opportunities”, and “love the fatherland” already demonstrated that he adds voters. As he did during his appointment as Antioquia’s mayor, he confirmed it with the consultation on elections. “The bandits in prison or in a grave”” Fico stated recently during a trip to Arauca which is one of the areas that is particularly affected by violence. Fico knows what Colombian rights are, but that won’t be enough.

“We are not in 2018, where the fear of the left was effective, but this time the electorate is not influenced by fear,” Basset points out. Basset stresses that Fico could be denied Uribe’s blessing, due to the fact that Alvaro Uribe has not been able to claim the title of leader absolute from 2002, when the country has elected him president. Although Uribismo is below the table but that doesn’t mean Gutierrez cannot count on the support of Uribismo. Uribism was also a factor in the victory. Basset warnsthat “Now his capacity as a negotiator in winning the coalition] is assessed: to convince right, and not to spend all on that alliance.” Andres Mesjia Vergnaud, an analyst, remarks on Fico’s relationship with the former president: “The great difficulty of Federico Gutierrez’s desire for the support of Uribismo but without the photo of Uribe, because it doesn’t fit him to be his candidate.”

Gustavo Petro, the leader of the left is the only one who has the ability to lead, however Gustavo Petro, the leader of the right, is still in the race for the presidency. Unless Fico — if this is possible – convinces him to not step out and join him. Rodolfo Hernandez remains in the race despite having launched his campaign independently. Gutierrez must include in his list of candidates the former mayor Bucaramanga, a billionaire builder who was able to do well in the polls due to his speech against corruption using a light-hearted voice. has lots of work to do before he even considers the names of the presidential formula. What Gutierrez has already is support of other candidates for the presidency of the Team for Colombia alliance. It’s not much. Two ex-mayors Enrique Penalosa(Bogota) and Alex Char (Barranquilla), are on his side. David Barguil, the leader and the founder of the Conservative party is in the same room with Aydee Zarazo. Aydee Lizarazo of a Christian Party, who frequently vote according to her church’s orders.

Along with the reformed Conservative Party, it was the most popular right-wing party in Congress with more than 2 million votes. The U Party also supported it with a stunning vote of just over one million votes. The backing of Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, who has not allowed a lot of time to pass after Sunday’s elections in order to accept his defeat in the event of a potential confrontation with the votes of the right, provides Fico an opportunity to gain momentum in a sector of conservatism, but distances him from possible votes from the center. The words of former president Alvaro Uribe says, who summoned his party to a meeting on Tuesday is the most important information needed to decide whether Fico is willing to risk his position for a moderate position by being the blessing of Uribe.