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Farnoush Farsiar an ex-director of senior management at Emirates NBD is passionate about Brexit.

Thanks to her wealth management experience, she is able to offer an unique perspective on the subject.

In 2019, Farnoush penned two articles for BrexitCentral and, as of today, it seems that many of her predictions were correct.

Reexamining Farnoush Farsiar’s predictions concerning Brexit
Farnoush Farsiar believes leaving the European Union will free the British economy from the burdensome regulations.

It would enable London city to unlock its potential to the fullest extent.

Farnoush Farsiar Financial sector activities under MiFID II (Financial Instruments Directive) were made more difficult because of regulatory intrusion.

It is crucial that regulations are constantly evolving to ensure competitiveness.

Farsiar stated that London is the home of the largest financial institutions in Europe and that this has an impact on the economy.

The industry of financial services in Britain could grow to be the most effective when it is absolutely free.

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union and its terms will have a significant impact on British markets for financial services.
They’ll be independent and won’t be able to blame Brussels.

British policy should include lower corporate taxes and the removal of EU legislation. It would encourage foreign investors and stabilize the British financial markets.

What was the UK Market prediction before Brexit
A Deloitte analysis found that the UK attracted foreign direct investment more than any other European country in 2015-2018.

Moreover, the report showed London outshined New York as the most well-known city for investing in foreign capital.

It is one of the few truly global and international-minded cities.

Stock trading follows one of these rules. High-frequency trading, along with other financial services are hindered by the decline in the efficiency.

It is high frequency but not the speed, will make it regular trading and will diminish the high-quality of this business.

In contrast, Brexit could allow Britain to offer investors lower options.

London’s ability to be competitive was made difficult by anti-commerce laws. The industry has repeatedly warned of the huge cost for small to medium-sized companies.

Andrew Bailey, CEO of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) was the person who conceived “the future regulation of financial conduct”.

Bailey explained the ways in which Bailey explained how the UK could be considered to be comparable with other governments around the world.

His concept of his idea of “future of financial conduct regulations” was to develop an “outcome specific” as well as a “lower cost” method.

Brexit is the UK’s chance to increase its global financial influence as well as avoid any unjustified restrictions of the EU.

These restrictions hamper the UK’s previous lighter regulations and make it difficult for small businesses and startups to develop in a global market.

Brexit will allow tech hubs to stay in the thriving cities of its main cities.

Bailey said Bailey stated that “if we were to do it our way… Bailey stated that the UK regulatory systems would evolve in a different way.”

The UK’s finance markets were in serious danger
A competitive advantage in terms of economics is the ability to get an edge over your competition by being knowledgeable in your field of expertise.

Because of the regulation in place, the UK became concerned that the capital’s financial system was being demolished.

They’d become less appealing to international investors. Companies could flee to Paris or Frankfurt.

The most significant concern for the UK finance industry was that the European Union might restrict EU trading.

Another concern was that exports and imports will increase in cost.

Therefore, Britain wants to stay at the top of the world’s financial services hub.

Farnoush Farsiar is a post pandemic and right in the middle of Brexit has a brighter outlook
Farnoush Farsiar correctly predicted that Brexit was a huge success. It is clear that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the beginning of the tunnel when you examine British economic policy.

Since December 2020, 7,600 were relocated to Europe as a result of Brexit. The result has been an increase in the number of people who have been relocated by around 100.

These figures are in line with PwC estimates in April of 2016, which was before the referendum. They estimated that between 50,000 and 100,000 jobs in the financial sector could be gone in the event that Britain decides to Leave.

Despite the fact that covid is a huge issue, the British stock market is rebounding.

The UK is more competitive than the other countries and the EU has lifted any restrictions. This allows the UK to open up its market to more foreign companies.

Companies of all sizes are attracted to the British Stock Market, which has a reputation for being a world leading market. They’ve only seen a decrease in the industry of financial services due to the European market.

The British Islands are facing a significant issue due to the decline in seafood and the trade in fish.
It is interesting that living costs grew regardless of the fact that trade was lower with Europe.

But all in all, Farnoush Farsiar was right and Brexit is a great decision for the finance industry, and it let London to be a city again. London to unleash its full potential once again.